Calm Your Mind Tonight

Holy Spirit, You are welcomed here.

Humbly, I’m not the greatest writer but I’m a great writer, and I have an anointing. I want you to know that it is going to be okay. God has got it. God has got a plan for your life.

If you are angry at your storms, you are missing out on blessings. You are going through what you are going through because the enemy knows what is inside of you, and the enemy is trying to defeat you. If you weren’t being fought, you wouldn’t be a threat. The enemy wouldn’t even be scared of you. Thieves don’t rob empty vaults. You talk about your devastation, hurt, the horrible season you’re in, and how you feel like God is blessing everyone else but you. You’re always talking about those things and that’s why you’re staying in those things because the Bible says that life and death are in the…

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