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Discipleship is a Life-long Process

Dear all,

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of Holy Spirit. Romans 15: 13

Word:        Luke 14: 25 – 33


  1. And if you donot carry your cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple.

Thought: Cost of True Christian Discipleship

A disciple of Jesus is someone who possesses a heart for God and a teachable attitude toward Jesus. He or She is ready to receive forgiveness, teaching, direction, help, love and encouragement for him.

Following Christ Jesus means an absolute submission to do God’s will and to follow His foot prints. No matter what the cost, let us follow the foot prints of Jesus.

  • True faith in Christ Jesus transforms our conduct, attitude, character, speech pattern, motives and actions.
  •      Discipleship is a life-long process

Stand firm in Christ

HAZAK HAZAK, V’NITCHAZEK – “Be Strong. Be strong and be strengthened”.


Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning

Dear all,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning – Luke 12: 35

Be – Personal call for you – God saved our forefathers through thousands of years, even in the middle of famine, war and natural calamities and brought us into this World. God’s sovereign plan in Christ Jesus for you and me was well planned by God before the foundations of the earth (Ephesians 1).

Dressed: Zechariah 3: 1-10 and Ephesians 6 talk about dress.  Dress is referred to as Salvation in Christ Jesus and full armor of God, with these dresses we will be secured and saved by God from satanic attacks. Submit to God and resist the devil in Jesus’ name.

For service: What is the ultimate service for us in this Earth? The answer is simple – sharing the love of Christ Jesus to the people those who are in need of salvation. Our life should have a solid foundation on the Word of God. We need to have  one desire, one passion, one goal and that is, to proclaim Jesus’ name by our words and actions everywhere (Matthew 7: 24).

Keep your lamps burning: Plug your mind in to the power of prayer and be filled with the Holy Spirit, which results in a continuous victorious walk in Christ in all the areas of your life. In which area do you need a continuous victory? Let us ask God like Jacob and He is ready to bless us with a victorious life. In addition, God called us to be a light in the darkness (Matthew 5). Oil lamp needs continuous supply of oil and if it is electric lamp it needs continuous electric supply. Here we can compare oil and electricity with God’s anointment of the Holy Spirit.

Let us spend some time in prayer and review our walk with Christ.

Expect great things from God Attempt Great things for God – William Carey

Word: The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. Lam 3:25
A Successful relationship with god in Christ Jesus empowered by the Power of Holy Spirit counts for eternity.
Rule of God in your heart and your life
Consistent walk with the Lord
Consistently obey God in all areas of life
God evaluates obedience, not potential!

Expect great things from God
Attempt Great things for God – William Carey